Vita Recycle Bin

Vita Recycle Bin

Vita Recycle Bin
Year: 2011

Waste collection system for indoors.
Container for collection and separation of solid waste for offices and shopping centers. Designed using iconic systems division through the use of colors, shapes and textures to encourage the user to divide the waste properly. It has an internal container system to eliminate the use of plastic bags, these can be manipulated separately for cleaning in another area without the need to mobilize the entire container.

The proportions are based for people with a physical disability, visual and material savings in production. Its design allows the user to place distribute the plates to his needs and environment. It also has a dis-assembly and easy assembly system for transport purposes.

The simplicity of the container allows advertising on the front or side to integrate some brand or corporate image.

Braille type 1 - International Standards
One third of the size for export.
Plastic container to use instead of plastic bags
Package Design
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